How to Change Age in Samsung Health?

You can change the age in Samsung Health through the profile settings. After you change the age, all of your data will be updated to reflect your new age.

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Incorrect age in Samsung Health may result in inaccurate fitness data. Here’s how to change your age in the app.

What is Samsung Health?

Samsung Health is a comprehensive health and wellness application that helps Samsung device users track their fitness and wellbeing. The app consolidates data from various sources, including Samsung devices, third-party apps, and wearables, to provide users with a complete picture of their health. Additionally, Samsung Health provides personalized recommendations, expert content, and a community of like-minded people to support users on their journey to better health.

How to change age in Samsung Health?

In order to change your age in Samsung Health, you will need to first open the app and then select the “Profile” tab. From here, you will be able to edit your personal information, including your age. Simply change the age that is listed and then select “Done” in order to save your changes.

How to use Samsung Health?

Samsung Health is a comprehensive fitness and wellness app that helps you track your activity, diet, and sleep, as well as manage stress and weight. You can also use Samsung Health to monitor your vitals, such as heart rate and blood pressure.

How to set up Samsung Health?

Samsung Health is a great way to keep track of your fitness and activity level, but did you know that you can also use it to monitor your sleep and stress levels? You can even set it up to give you reminders to stay hydrated or take a break from work. And if you have a Samsung device, setting up Samsung Health is easy! Here’s how:

1. Open the Samsung Health app on your device.

2. Tap the “Profile” tab at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap the “Edit Profile” button.

4. Enter your personal information, such as your name, age, gender, height, and weight.

5. Tap the “Done” button when you’re finished.

How to troubleshoot Samsung Health?

If you’re having difficulty updating your age in Samsung Health, there are a few things you can try:

-Make sure you’re connected to the internet. You’ll need an internet connection in order to update your age in Samsung Health.
-Check that your Samsung Health app is up to date. If you’re not sure, you can check for updates in the app store.
-Restart your device. Sometimes a simple restart can fix minor issues with apps like Samsung Health.
-Delete and reinstall the Samsung Health app. If all else fails, deleting and reinstalling the app may fix the problem.


Q: How do I change my age in Samsung Health?
A: You can change your age in Samsung Health by going to the Profile tab and tapping on the “Edit” button. From there, you can change your age, height, weight, and gender.


If you’re false information on your age in Samsung Health, you can change it in the “Settings” menu. Then, tab over to the “Profile” section and select the “Edit Profile” option. From there, simply change your age to the correct number and hit “Save.”


If you want to change the age in Samsung Health:

1. Open Samsung Health on your phone.
2. Scroll down and tap on Profile.
3. Tap on the pencil icon next to your age.
4. Enter your new age and tap DONE.

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