Given Current Research on Acculturation and Health, Which of the Following Would You Expect?

Similarly, Why are the findings from acculturation research less coherent than many other topics?

Why are the results of acculturation studies less consistent than those of other fields? Because people’s circumstances are so diverse, it’s difficult to spot patterns. will swap frames more often.

Also, it is asked, Which of the following was found in Suh’s 2002 research on self consistency in Koreans and Americans?

Suh (2002) performed a study in which the social skills, likability, and well-being of Korean and American participants were connected with their consistency score.

Secondly, What is a proximal cause for why a small group of Spaniards was able to conquer the Incan empire?

What was the proximate cause of the Incan empire being conquered by a tiny handful of Spaniards? The Spaniards had superior weaponry than the Incans.

Also, Which of the following scenarios would best predict Basdeo using frame-switching more than Mel?

Which of the following circumstances is most likely to cause Basdeo to use frame-switching more often than Mel? Yes, since this strategy will increase integrative complexity, which will lead to increased levels of creativity.

People also ask, How does cultural distance differ from cultural fit?

What is the difference between cultural gap and cultural fit? Cultural distance relates to varied matching between cultures, while cultural fit refers to variable matching between people.

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How does the similarity attraction effect relate to the conditionality of one’s relationships?

What role does the similarity-attraction effect play in relationship conditionality? Relational mobility is responsible for both.

What is a proximal cause for why a small group of Spaniards was able to conquer the Incan empire quizlet?

What was the proximate cause of the Incan empire being conquered by a tiny handful of Spaniards? The Spaniards had superior weaponry than the Incans.

Which factors aided the Spanish conquest of the Incas?

There had been several Inca efforts to reclaim the empire, but none had been succeeded. As a result, the Spanish conquest was accomplished by a combination of force and deceit, helped by smallpox and a significant communication and cultural barrier.

What happened to the Incas after the Spanish conquest?

Last of the Incas During this period, Manco escaped to Vilcabamba and established the Inca’s final fortress after an unsuccessful effort to retake the city from larger Spanish power. Until 1572, the Incas continued to struggle against totalitarian Spanish rule.

What is the purpose of the research technique called item response theory?

Item response theory (IRT) was initially suggested for the purpose of ability evaluation in the discipline of psychometrics. It’s often used in education to calibrate and assess questions in exams, surveys, and other instruments, as well as to score students on their talents, attitudes, and other hidden characteristics.

What is the similarity effect?

The similarity-attraction effect refers to people’s universal inclination to be drawn to those who are similar to them in key ways. Attraction is defined as a fondness for a desire to be around someone, rather than a physical attraction.

What is it about similarity and proximity that is key to attraction?

Proximity helps individuals to get to know one another and find their common interests, which may lead to friendship or a romantic connection. Proximity refers not just to physical distance, but also to functional distance, or how often we cross paths with people.

Why does similarity lead to attraction?

In other words, we learn to connect happy sentiments with persons who are associated with rewards. People connect favorable sensations with similar individuals as a result of instances of interpersonal resemblance acting as rewarding stimuli, leading them to be more drawn to similar others.

What is one way in which psychology samples tend to be unrepresentative of the world population?

What are some of the ways that psychological samples aren’t typical of the global population? They are typically from North America. Which of the following ethnocentrism assertions is correct? It indicates that activities that do not seem to be typical are considered less acceptable.

What is evoked culture?

Fessler et al. (2015) define evoked cultural behaviors as those that are the outputs of common psychological systems in response to local environmental signals. Cultural behaviors that are transmitted are those that are learnt from one’s social group, independent of surroundings.

Is culture among chimpanzees cumulative quizlet?

Why don’t chimps have a lot of cumulative culture? Chimpanzees aren’t particularly excellent at learning via imitation. universal existential It was discovered that Species A had a ratio of after comparing the neocortex ratios of two species.

How were the conquest of the Aztec and Inca different?

What were the similarities and differences between the Aztec and Inca conquests? Spain conquered both the Aztecs and the Incas. The Aztecs, on the other hand, were mostly wiped off by sickness, whilst the Inca were defeated by a massive army.

What factors favored the Spanish in their conquest of native peoples?

Weapons of Superiority The weapons of the Spanish was significantly better than that of the Aztecs and Incas. Experience and Alliances Internal differences among the Aztec and Inca empires were also exploited by the invading Spanish armies. Horses have a lot of power. A Deadly Illness.

How did the Spanish conquest affect culture in the Americas?

As a consequence, the Aztec indigenous faith was lost, while other cultures and faiths were accepted into modern-day Mexico. The Spanish conquered the Americas and brought their own religion with them. Thousands of Native Americans become Christians. Built were churches, monasteries, shrines, and parishes.

What impact did the Spanish have on the Incas?

Many components of Inca culture were deliberately eliminated or irreversibly altered as a result of this invasion. A huge section of the Inca population, including craftsmen and craftspeople, was enslaved and forced to labor in the gold and silver mines, in addition to sickness and population loss.

What was the government system of the Incas?

The Inca Empire was a federalist organization with a central administration led by the Inca and four suyu (regions): Chinchay Suyu (northwest), Antisuyu (northeast), Kuntisuyu (southwest), and Qullasuyu (southwest) (southeast). Cusco, the center, was where the four corners of these quarters met.

What does the item response theory measure?

IRT is a model that describes the link between the level of the latent trait (i.e., the construct that the items are supposed to assess), the features of the scale items, and a person’s reactions to the individual scale items.

What is classical test theory and item response?

The two main psychometric paradigms are Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory (CTT & IRT). That is, they are mathematical ways to analyzing and scoring exams. Even though they both perform the same thing, they are considerably different in terms of content and intricacy.

What did Byrne 1971 do?

People were requested to fill out a questionnaire on their personal qualities by Byrne (1971). The participants were then provided (fake) descriptions of a variety of persons and asked how they felt about them. Those that had the same features as the person being researched were deemed more appealing.

How does proximity influence attraction?

One of the reasons why proximity affects attraction is because it fosters familiarity; individuals are more drawn to what they are acquainted with. Simply being in the presence of someone or being exposed to them on a regular basis enhances our chances of being attracted to them.

The term proximity refers to closeness or proximity. “I couldn’t help but see him cheating on the test since our desks were so close together.” Your favorite feature of your attached row home community may be the closeness of your neighbors – they’re just next door.

What finding from research on couple relationships supports the matching hypothesis?

The findings showed that couples who were comparable in terms of physical beauty exhibited the highest like for each other – a result that supports the matching theory.

Do opposites attract?

In relationships, the belief that “opposites attract” is a fiction. In actuality, as scores of studies have demonstrated, individuals are drawn to others who are similar to them. This might be due to the fact that personality differences tend to stand out and grow in size over time.

Who made the attraction theory?

Samuel Frenning, a psychologist

Why do we like similar people?

Certainty of liking: We anticipate that someone who shares a lot of our interests would like us. As a result, if we believe others like us, we are more inclined to like them. Interactions that are engaging and fun: Hanging out with someone with whom you have a lot of interests is always more entertaining.


The “what is the key difference between an integration and an assimilation acculturation strategy?” is a question that has been asked by many. The answer to this question is that integration would be more beneficial for health, while assimilation would be more beneficial for social acceptance.

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